What is a duct and what are its types?

داکت چیست و چه انواعی دارد

When installing electricity in buildings, you must have come across the question of what is a duct and what are its types? Utility forces use wires and cables to transmit electrical energy, in creating a wiring system in buildings, it is necessary that several wires move from different spaces of the building at the same […]

What is trunking and what are its features?

ترانکینگ چیست و چه ویژگی هایی داره

All electrical systems that use cables need to be organized. In order to establish order and reduce the possibility of system power failure, we need to use special equipment. One of the accessories used in this field is trunking. Many people are not familiar with this term and ask themselves what is trunking and what […]

What is an optical fiber microduct and what are its characteristics?

میکروداکت فیبر نوری چیست و چه خصوصیاتی دارد

These days, the use of electronic devices at work and at home has become very common, and in fact, it can be said that most people use these electronic devices for their work. Therefore, in order to connect to electric energy, many wires and cables are needed, all of which are connected to electric energy. […]