Sabdakt 3 and 4 hole
  • Material: high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Color: black, containing min. 2% carbon black Satisfiable the Iran telecommunications company technical specification and standard 
110 High Pressure PVC Pipe
  • Material: PVC
  • Min. resin: 90% 
  • Weight of each piece (L:6m): 14.2 kg
  • Color: gray
  • Satisfiable the Iran telecommunications company technical specifications and standard

Cable and Fiber Blowing
  • First & unique home made type 
  • Cable and fiber blowing (Dia. 14-25mm) in sub ducts (Dia. 33-38mm)
  • Blowing speed: 50-100 M/min
  • Blowing range: max .2km
  • Machine weight: 150 kg
  • Consumable fuel: petrol (fuel tank cap.:4lit)
  • Special compressor (pressure: 10 bars, 10 m3/min), are fore longer blows
  • Special compressors (power:8 bars. 8 CBM), Are used shorter blows
Micro Duct
Notwithstanding the extensiveness of copper network, the state telecommunications infrastructure suffers from several limitations in development and bandwidth. Due to the wear of the existing network, the country has been subject to huge costs in the maintenance and development parts to render the services. Whereas the communications industry is developing across the Globe, The need for replacing a new generation of inactive elements as a secure basis to render urban services with wide bandwidth is increasingly wanted by the authorities. In this regard, louleh va Ettesalat Alborz Co. has included another generation of the pipes, namely micro duct in the range of products. This product has totally been localized with the needs of the engineers and employers. This product is use the transferring of urban and suburban networks (FTTX, CCTV & IT).

Some advantages:
  • Connectivity to the 3rd generation of COD pipe systems, manufactured by louleh va ettesalat Alborz Co.,
  • Cost-effectiveness in network transmission,
  • Rapid project implementation,
  • Identifying the network lines along the long paths due to color indicators
  • Rapid network development
  • Rapid network maintenance or repairs
  • Transferability in the existing traditional networks (3 ,4 hole sub ducts)

Telecommunications Corrugated Pipe
  • Material: PVC
  • Min. resin: 82% 
  • Weight of each piece (L:6m): 6.8 kg
  • Color: gray
  • Satisfiable the Iran telecommunications company technical specifications and standard
Corrugated sub ducts
As the biggest manufacturer of telecommunications products, Louleh va Ettesalat Alborz Co. has managed to produce telecommunications passive elements along national self adequacy and through relying on its skilled engineers and managers.
The new product (3rd generation of the telecommunications ducts), commercially known as Corrugated sub ducts , Together with the complete equipment and connection may be a quite suitable replacement in comparison to the PVC & corrugated pipes and 3 and 4-hole sub Ducts in the infrastructure projects of the country (FTTX, CCTV).
The advantages of utilizing the Corrugated sub ducts
pipes rather than the afore-mentioned ones have been so noticeable that the executives and persons in charge, after technical and economic examinations, have considered the above mentioned pipes amongst the ones which :
First: they can be considerably cost-effective with respect to the traditional pipes (PVC & Corrugated pipes, and Sub Duct)
Second: it may have quite high technical and executive explicability (pipe strength, implementation speed, project security) with respect to the traditional pipes.
Third, rapid covering of Corrugated sub ducts
pipes during projects in the network maintenance section (covering the services after Corrugated sub ducts
pipe implementation) can be mentioned.

Advantages at Corrugated sub ducts

  • Material: polyethylene 
  • Product variety: 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 sub duct
  • In 250m coils,
  • High flexibility 
  • High strength
  • Easy installation & Economic trenching
Corrugated sub ducts

110 coupling: To connect two Corrugated sub ducts
coils, remove pits in suburban paths and manhole removing the generated defects
  • Connector:To enter the pipe into the manhole
  • Pipe end cap:To protect and prevent entrance of exterior particles, insects and dust into the pipe
  • Sub Duct End Cap:To protect and prevent entrance of exterior particles, insects and dust into the sub duct