Alborz Trunking
The product is the most professional and best way to perform the structured networks. The following features will be discussed:

  • Distribution, setup and the structured network protection using a different cable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ability to install partitions separate cable routes at three points of the body Trunking
  • The flexible covers that can be installed on multiple and consecutive angles
  • Different angle (internal, external and flat)
  • Branches of the standard 2-meter (change according to customer's order)
  • Ability to install electrical, Phone and network sockets
  • Size 150 x 50 with 85 cover
Electrical ducts
With the aim of customer respect and due promote the respective products, The Alborz Pipe and Fittings Company has proceeded with designing and manufacturing new and attractive ducts,which enjoy a higher level of effectiveness with respect to the old models.
Electricity ducts known as Alborz and Alvand are of this company`s products.
Enjoying a new and ideal design and exclusive flexibility , these ducts have a variety of size ( from 11mm to 100mm) , and are dielectrical and non-flammable .
These ducts have qualities according to the global standard.

  • New and ideal design and exclusive flexibility
  • Full range of size
  • Smooth surface and exclusive beauty
  • Dielectrical and non- flammable
  • Resistant against environmental factors
  • Such as acids and oil – based solvents
  • Separetion of electrivity and telephone cables, in the partition –bearing types, which prevents creation of any dearangement in the telephone lines.
PVC Cable Tray
The Alborz Pipe and Fitting Company is the first the only producer of PVC Cable Tray in Iran.
Due to the following special characteristics, PVC Cable Tray may be considered as a suitable alternative for the metal cable trays:
  • A variety of size 
  • Lockable caps, which can be opened easily and also there is on need to any special fix tures to fix their caps.
  • Non – flammable and auto – extinguisher
  • Non – cinductor (i.e. it does not transmit electricity current in case of any undesired scratches or missing coatings of the respective cable)
  • Formulation according to the international standard
  • Holder of confirmations from reliable Iranian Iaboratories
  • Ideal for the humid climate regions,and acid-and other chemicals vapors resistant
  • Radiation resistant
  • Hard PVC , mice mastication resistant 
  • The different variety of the respective parts and joints provides a good possi bility to apply any forming and performing the work in dif ferent anfles.
  • Very durable
PVC cable tray sizes this company

Cable Tray 80*50
Cable Tray 150*60
Cable Tray 200*60
Cable Tray 250*60



For joining two parts together used for dust construction


To make flat angles multi-ways and unleveled surfaces.

Base profile

Intended to place the cable tray Bases level changeable using pin


The tools required to install some fasteningsin order to join the parts


these fasteners maybe used as jointsand are installed to the outer surface of the part free from using any tools


Intended for due placing the cable trays in different directions.


Intended for due placing the cable trays in different directions.


Intended for due placing the cable trays in different directions.

mid part

Unleveled surfaces


Connectivity to the joints